I'm a Designer based in NYC

I design for the magic of a user-first experience, the joy of a first click on to a page, and creating inclusivity through design

I have a passion for all things

Let's make the world work better.

Howdy! I'm Laura

But don't just take my word for it

Here's why you should work with me
“Laura was eager to start on projects and immediately brought an energy that made clients feel at ease and conversational. She’s someone who loves to learn and apply.  Laura’s an excellent listener and provides an outlet for team members to influence the design collaboratively. Even within tight deadlines, she delivers. She truly is a value-add.I’d recommend her with no doubts. She is vibrant, curious, and loves her work. Any company would be lucky to have her.”

Mina Cosentino
Principal Product Designer @ Vokal
" From the discovery phase to wireframing, we consulted legacy brands with UX growth strategies and best practices to transform their online engagement opportunities. Laura is an excellent UX designer and a joy to work with. We could always count on her positive attitude and commitment to team success. Laura was known across the organization for leading productive workshops that helped both our clients and internal team generate ideas. I learned a lot from her, and believe she would be a valuable asset to any design team!"
Theresa Le
Product Designer @ Vokal
"I learned Laura is an excellent teammate. During the design sprint she was essential to our success. Always organized, great at communicating, and an eye for detail, are just some of the skills she brings to the table. For future projects she is on my shortlist of people to call, because I know that even if she was unfamiliar with the project or the tools we were using, she would learn the tools understand the problem and be a valuable addition to the team."

Aaron Lucas
UX Designer & SaaS Sales

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